scientific basis

The physical principles on which the ti-ex Therapy Device is based have been known for a long time.
Electrostimulation has been scientifically recognised as a method of therapy for tinnitus for decades.
Until now, however, there has been no technical way to apply this principle simply and comfortably. ti-ex was specially developed for the treatment of tinnitus and makes this successful principle practical for everyone to use at home. This enables even those patients who have not yet found an effective treatment method for their tinnitus to take advantage of an effective, high-quality therapy.

There are countless studies on the effects of electrostimulation in general as well as on the effectiveness of ti-ex™ in particular. The seminal study of the success of ti-ex was presented by Dr. Paal Bentsen at the Norwegian Congress for Diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat under the title "Electrical Suppression of Tinnitus with TI-EX" in 2001