how the ti-ex tinnitus therapy device works

In order to understand how ti-ex works, it is important to realize that the hair cells in the inner ear can regenerate.
The ti-ex Tinnitus Therapy Device works on the principle that, in tinnitus, the energy flow to some of the hair cells is disrupted, affecting their ability to regenerate. This leads to uncontrolled electrical discharge and to tinnitus.
ti-ex is therefore particularly helpful in so-called "cochlear" or inner ear tinnitus, which affects many tinnitus sufferers.

Although not all details have been researched, many years of experience have shown that electrostimulation, as is usable made in ti-ex, is an excellent method of treatment for tinnitus. During electrostimulation, the hair cells in the inner ear and the nerve cells of the auditory nerve are stimulated by very weak electrical impulses. The electromagnetic waves emitted by ti-ex are designed to restore the disrupted electrical energy flow in the cells by improving the circulation and by providing a kind of "workout", thus positively affecting the cells' ability to regenerate. The stimulation is provided by a very weak, or "low-frequency", electric current.

The effects of magnetic fields have been known for a long time. Without the earth's magnetic field, cell metabolism in our bodies would be impossible. Every molecule of the human organism is a tiny magnet. Particles attract or repel each other; charges ensure the correct transportation of substances through our bodies. Negative influences, such as electrosmog (high voltage, mobile phones, electronic devices), radioactivity, noise, stress or environmental pollution can lead to a continual weakening of our bodies' natural magnetic fields. Previously, incredible healing results had been observed in caves or in Stollen, in which - as we can now measure - strong magnetic fields with particular properties existed. But it was not until recent decades that researchers have been able to investigate the connections between the magnetism and health in more detail.

It was observed that an amazing acceleration of recovery occurred when poorly-healing broken bones were exposed to particular magnetic fields. Repeated tests showed that people with bone deficiencies treated with magnetic field therapy were able to achieve stable bone growth considerably faster than patients treated in the "usual" manner. This is particularly significant for the treatment of osteoporosis.
Based on the findings of countless studies both at home and abroad, highly-specialised devices have been developed over the last few years to generate magnetic fields which have proven healing properties and to use coils to transmit these to the body. Well-known scientists have developed specific programmes to test the effects of particular magnetic fields on particular illnesses. No harmful influences or lasting side effects have been found.
The ti-ex Tinnitus Therapy Device harnesses the known principle of electrostimulation with electromagnetic rays to combat tinnitus.