the hearing system

To understand the mechanism of tinnitus it's important to discover the facts and learn more about our hearing system – being well informed is the first step for your cure.

how can you help yourself

The quieter it is, the easier it is to hear faraway and soft sounds. Although silence can, therefore, be extremely relaxing, it can also cause the vegetative nervous system to become more alert, just as it does with excessive noise, in order to be better prepared for sudden “floods”. People therefore become increasingly sensitive to sound. 40% of all tinnitus patients are already extremely sensitive to sound before the onset of their tinnitus. Withdrawing from society will only make symptoms worse. Deal with your tinnitus proactively - don’t just resign yourself to living with it!

Don’t cut yourself off from your environment. Try not to focus on the sounds you hear, this will only make them worse. Talk to your doctor about your tinnitus. Describe your tinnitus exactly to your doctor and let him or her know if you are suffering from disturbed sleep or stress. Go through all the diagnostic steps your doctor recommends. Avoid stress and noise, hard alcohol and nicotine. Seek out the best treatment, as its success depends on your confidence in it. The earlier you begin treatment, the better the prognosis. Talk to a competent ti-ex advisor.