auditory nerve and cortex

The auditory nerve extends into the "auditory cortex", which is located in the temporal lobe of the brain. It also connects certain nerve cell areas (so-called “Kerne ”) of the brain with each other. It also contains feedback fibres from the auditory cortex which run back to the auditory nerve and the cochlea, and serve to amplify and muffle the nerve cell impulses.
In the nerve cells of the "Kerne"[auditory areas of the brain] these impulses are decoded by means of association, as they are connected to nerve centres for knowledge, memories, feelings, tastes and smells. Only now are the original sound waves and the electrical nerve impulses transmitted as music and words (for example) to the auditory cortex. Only about 30% of the original information actually reaches the auditory cortex to be processed.
Hearing therefore depends on making the correct associations: the more emotional the memory, therefore, the better we hear!