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All prices are valid as printed on our website. We reserve the right to change prices at any time. When paying with any currency other than €, the current exchange rate is valid

Conditions of Payment

We offer you various payment options. These may vary, however, depending on the country.
With payment in advance we send you an invoice. As soon as payment has been received, the goods will be delivered to you. To accelerate the process, please send us a copy of your confimration of payment.

With payment by credit card you receive prompt delivery of the goods. No additional costs for the use of the credit-card will be charged to you.

With cash on delivery (C.O.D.) you receive the goods by post and pay the postal official directly.

Prices for packaching and shippment differ depending on the model you have choosen and are valid as written on our website,

Right of Return

Purchase items that have already been used or are not in the original packaging cannot be accepted upon return. Any customer complaints will be considered only if made within eight (8) days.
Rental items can only be accepted if returned in excellent condition and in the original packaging. If the agreed upon rental period has been exceeded, you give tacit confirmation of your intent to purchase the item. You automatically receive a purchase invoice with the remaining amount due upon delivery of the item. Upon exceeding the rental period this amount becomes binding and is to be remitted promptly.

disclaimer of liability and applicable law

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