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successful tinnitus therapy

We are happy to introduce our successful therapy against Tinnitus. The ti-ex Tinnitus Therapy Device is an innovative therapy method, which is suitable for nearly all people who suffer from ear noises. The positive effect is documented by scientific studies and long term experience. The therapy is easy and comfortable in use and free from negative side effects.

We want to show you clearly how the ti-ex Tinnitus Therapy Device can reduce or suppress your Tinnitus and help you to get more quality of life. We want to support you step by step with your Tinnitus problems

Since its invention in 1998, thousands of people have successfully treated their tinnitus with the ti-ex Tinnitus Therapy Device. Patients who have suffered from tinnitus for years have been able to use the ti-ex Tinnitus Therapy Device to reduce or to completely suppress their symptoms
The basic condition for a start with the ti-ex Therapy is a close look at your individual Tinnitus situation. To check your personal suitability for using the ti-ex therapy device we offer individual attendance for free.