tinnitus in figures

The number of tinnitus sufferers is increasing all the time. Nobody knows exactly how many people are currently affected by tinnitus worldwide. According to estimates, this figure is 440 million. In the USA alone,
the number of tinnitus sufferers is given as 40 million.
Every sixth person experiences noises or rushing sounds in their ears at some time in their lives in very different forms. Particularly worrying is the fact that around 60 - 80 % of all young people have experienced this.
While some people are able to cope with their tinnitus, 8% of the population in industrialised countries are troubled by the noises in their ears on a daily basis or experience disturbed sleep. Around 0.5% would describe the noises in their ears as an illness in itself.
While tinnitus can occur at any age, its likelihood increases with age. Unfortunately, however, most people wait an average of 5-8 years before going to the doctor about their tinnitus. The number of those who state that their tinnitus began after an emotional event or a stressful period in their lives is very much greater than the number of those who could pinpoint a physical cause.
Allowing hearing problems to go untreated is very expensive. In 2003,
the annual costs associated with untreated hearing problems in the EU countries were over 90 billion dollars.
The most commonly-heard sounds are: 38.8% whistling, 27.9% rustling, 10.9% humming, 5.5% hissing, 4.2% ringing, 3.0% beeping.